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8 time saving social media marketing tips for busy business owners.

When I ask business owners what they struggle with most when it comes to managing their social media, lots of them will say it's having time to do it.

Even though Social Media marketing is a great way to grow your business it often still gets put to the bottom of the (never-ending) to do list. Here's my top tips of how you can shave precious minutes, even hours from your content creation process.

1. Know who you're talking to.

Important this one. Clarity just stops you messing about when wondering what to post and on what platforms. Know your audience and where they hang out, then work from your strategy. Easy.

2. Research + Save Content Ideas

Chunk out some time when you're at your most creative to brain dump some ideas to form the basis of your content for the next 3 months. Perhaps create a simple Google doc that you can access on your phone too, so you can add to when you get more ideas on the go. Search relevant hashtags to your industry and save any interesting posts that you could re-create for your business, in your tone, for your target customer. For Tiktok and Reels save trending audio that you can create posts with your slant on.

3. Batch create

Spend a day creating as much content as you can all at once, if it's video or Reels get your lighting set up, organise your outfits for transitions and then sit and edit. Tip (from learning the hard way) - if you're creating Instagram Reels save to drafts within Instagram and make sure you save to your camera roll too, just in case your precious drafts get lost. Weep.

4. Use a Scheduler

Once your content is created schedule what you can in advance. You can do this using Facebook Creator Studio for Instagram and Facebook content (unfortunately not Reels though) and also in Twitter itself, you could always invest in a scheduler such as Later , Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Sprout Social or whichever you prefer. There are free versions too.

5. Use templates for your assets where you can

Use a super user friendly graphic design platform such as Canva to create branded assets. Utilise templates and just swap in your brand colours, fonts and logo, when creating visuals. Much easier than re-inventing the wheel every time you post.

6. Keep on top of your insights

Take a look at your insights regularly, see what's working and create more of that in different ways!

7. Have fun and be yourself!

Enjoy what you create, it will make the whole process a whole lot easier and a lot less time consuming.

8. Outsource

And finally... If the rest of your business really does need your complete focus and you really do need help with the management of your social, get in touch with a pro and explore whether social media management from someone who works with lots of clients doing just that (like me) is for you.

If you do need help with your social media for your business take a look at my services here or just book a discovery call below, I'd love to chat.

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