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Introducing the Happy Content Club

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Small businessing is hard, so many hats to wear and an absolutely never ending to do list.

As a small business owner myself nothing makes me happier than being able help fellow business and life jugglers with their social media content. January has been an amazing month for me with lots of Power Hours with a variety of business owners.

Something that lots of you have in common is your complete lack of time and also not quite being at the point where you can afford to outsource your social media to someone like me. Power Hours are great for a bespoke hour's training on a specific subject.

However it seems like lots of you could also do with some affordable ongoing social media marketing assistance with your amazing businesses, even better if the breadth of information available to you grows over time.

Here's the exciting bit (well I'm excited) ...

Introducing my brand new Happy Content Club

Launching in Feb 2022 The Happy Content Club will cost just 12.99 a month and will help business owners create content more quickly and easily.

So what does membership include:

  • A live monthly Content Q&A with me over Zoom

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group Community

  • 12 x Instagram Canva templates

  • Monthly Content Prompts

  • Reels/ Tiktok trending audios

What's even better is as I develop the offer I'm after some founder members to help me shape the club, I obviously want to grow what members will have access to over time. So for a limited time I'm offering all of the above for just 9.99 if you agree to be one of my founders your membership rate will never change, even when new member prices rise.

I want to build a community of lovely Small Business Owners who I can connect with and help with their content. BUT for me this is also very much a space to connect with some lovely new people. Membership is open now but won't be open for too long, just so I can plan as best as I can for the launch.

I'd love you to be part of my brand new baby, my membership - sign up below and I'll be in touch very soon.

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