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Now is not the time to boycott Instagram

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

How are you feeling about Instagram at the moment? Have you seen all the

campaigns asking people to boycott the platform? Stopping communicating is the worst thing you could do if you're hoping to grow your business and get your message out there. Here's my top tips of how to navigate the platform at the moment👇🏽.

1. If you notice a new feature or are missing something that others are mentioning, don't get alarmed; Instagram is constantly testing, and you might be seeing a portion of one (or not).

2. Make static photos in 1080x1350 size and make sure the part of the image you want on the grid is in the centre square.

3.Make your videos 1080x1920 in full-screen mode, and once more, make sure the grid's middle square looks good.

4. Instagram glitches are just normal at the moment - no one can solve them, not even Adam Mosseri, it seems. So don't waste your time getting too stressed.

5. Continue to create content that speaks directly to your target customer

6.Keep testing & using the findings to inform what you do next.

7.As long as you be yourself, and give it your best shot, that's all anyone can do!

If you're feeling totally disillusioned and just cannot find the time to keep up at the moment, it may be time to consider outsourcing your Instagram management to a pro or joining the Happy Content Club so you can be kept in the loop of the latest updates & chat to other amazing business owners in the same boat as you.

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