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Now is the time to start creating video content if you haven't already.

So we've got the hang of snapping pictures of everything for Instagram for our businesses (just about) now we need to remember to video them instead.

With Instagram updating constantly, at the moment it feels like a pretty unreliable place to be when it comes to the best way to "beat the algorithm" - as literally, nobody knows.

One thing is for certain though - video content on social media is here to stay!


BUT - if you're not quite ready for the dodgy lip syncing and dancing that seems to dominate TikTok and Instagram Reels just yet, here are my 5 top tips of how you can create video, without showing your face.

  1. Invest in a ring light or phone holder so that you can set up filming top down of your hands, get your set up perfected so you can film plenty.

  2. Capture everything. If you go somewhere pretty or the skies are blue, take a short video.

  3. Time lapse is your friend. Show packing a big order or your hands typing/ creating.

  4. Film your view from your workspace, route to work, day in the life. A tidy up perhaps, people love behind the scenes content, however boring you might think it is.

  5. Use screen record and add into templates to show people around your website or other online content.


✨ It doesn't have to be dodgy lip-syncing and dancing (but if you want to give it a go - great!).

✨ Use text over video for key points.

✨ Record voiceover as well as trending audio when you want to explain something.

✨ If you're a product business, why not experiment with some stop motion.

✨ Tell your story and be yourself.

✨ Film everything!

If you'd like more help with ideas for video content for your business. Join my Happy Content Club for just 12.99 a month and receive, templates, trending audios and become part of an amazing group to help with your content ideas.

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