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Really sorry but to save time with your social content creation you need a plan.

I've been catching up with lots of mega-busy business owners this month about their 2022 goals and dreams, in particular their social media marketing and I keep hearing the same thing.

I need to save time, it takes too long.

Well you might not want to hear it, but I'm sorry to say that they only way to stop social media content creation taking so long for your business is to have a strategy and plan in place to work from. That way your mind is focussed as you create a habit of monthly content planning and you can begin to implement to 3 golden rules to sharing great content consistently:





Outline what the year looks like for your business, what are your goals for growth and what do you need to do to hit them. What product focusses will you be looking at seasonally. What platforms are your target customers hanging around on and how can you communicate to them.


Set time aside each month (or quarter if that works for you) to create your content. Following your plan work out what kind of set up you will need. Your lighting, props, collaborators all in one place and bash out creating what you need. Once you have a great batch of content ready to go you are ready to...


Using your plan you should get the majority of your content scheduled ahead of time. You can use free tools such as Facebook Creator Studio to schedule Facebook and Instagram content and schedule Twitter within the platform itself too. There are also free tools that you can use to schedule LinkedIn Content too. You will want to post of the moment too, but at least you know that there is consistent content being shared for your business.

If you're not quite ready to outsource your social media marketing, but feel like you need to be held accountable for consistently creating content for your business and would like some tools each month to help you along the way, The Happy Content Club could be just what you need.

For just 12.99 a month you can become part of an exclusive community of business owners who will give you just that. Monthly you will also receive from me:

⚡Live Monthly content Q&A

⚡12 Canva Templates

⚡Content prompts

⚡Trending Audios

⚡Access to an exclusive Facebook Group Community

The doors are open now and we can't wait to hear all about your amazing business.

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