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Social Media Roundup - February!

Spring is nearly here! By the end of next week the sun will just be setting at 6pm and I for one can’t wait for those longer days. There is SO much exciting stuff happening in March for me it started yesterday with the launch of my brand new Canva Course.

But now I’m gonna take a look back at all things Social Media for February. Here’s my round up of the best bits


  1. TikTok has added a dedicated video feeds for sports, fashion, gaming and food

  2. New time restrictions for teen users with added parental control options making everyone a little bit safer

  3. New audio options are being provided for brands via a new 'sounds for business' option so that we can make our videos sound even better


  1. Theres now a new review expedited process if your account being suspended creates a real life problem- like your business being on hold!

  2. The ‘Why am I seeing this ad’ page is being expanded to give users more context about targeted ads

  3. You can now buy a blue tick if you want one on a new subscriptions service

  4. Broadcast channels are now live for most users

  5. They are developing an AI system to rival chatGPT


  1. They are testing out a new memories feature to raise engagement across the platform

  2. Broadcast channels are officially launched to help Creator profiles create a deeper connection with their followers

  3. IG are testing having the location of where a reel is created displayed to create more transparency across the platform and reduce misinformation

  4. The ‘learn more’ button on ads is being changed to a sticker to match stories.


  1. Newsletters are getting an overhaul with lots of new features including in app scheduling and ‘showcasing’ which will help users get more subscriptions

  2. Profiles are getting a face-lift too as more visual display options are now available to users.

  3. New options on the job search page including notifications as new jobs are posted

  4. Company engagement reports are being updated with more options to increase its usefulness

Just like last month loads of updates and lots more to come. If you are looking for any help with your content, would like monthly ideas, templates and to be part of the best group of amazing small businesses, it could be time to check out my Happy Content Club membership (which is still only £12.99 a month BTW).

If you’d like to chat about other ways I can help your business with social feel free to get in touch via Instagram or shoot me an email.

Have a great month.

Rach x

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