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Social Media Update January Round Up

So it’s almost Valentines Day 💞– how did that happen?

How have you found the beginning of 2023 for your business so far? If nailing Social Media is at the top of your list of goals this year then you might just want to keep your eye on my new monthly blog updates.

Starting as I mean to go on, below you’ll find a run down of what’s was new in Social for January… and there’s a lot. Here’s my round up of all the best bits 👇


1. You can now restrict your videos to Adults Only

2. You can now change your privacy settings so you can choose who can DM you!

3. They have launched their very own talent manager portal so managers can negotiate brand deals for clients

4. It’s now easier to find specific parts of the video as its added video-scrubbing thumbnails

5. You can now tag movies or TV programmes into your videos which will take the user straight to the IMDB page


1. You can now use Quiet Mode to silence IG when you need a break. Quiet mode will change your status online so other users know your not available

2. Photos are back! IG say that the focus on videos was too much and photos will be getting their fair share once again. So keep sharing those stills & carousels

3. Instagram have added a new ‘Lead Form’ option within your IG business profile action buttons, which provides new ways to generate direct response from your business presence in the app.


1. -Meta’s Shutting Down its ‘Creator Studio’ Page Management App pushing everybody over to the business Management Suite

2. -Meta are Helping Creators and Publishers Manage Intellectual Property by creating a Rights Manager Website to help people understand copyright infringement better.

3. -Facebook usage is on the up! While Facebook is no longer the cool app, especially among younger audiences, it remains a key platform for many users.


1. -LinkedIn Looks to Boost Newsletter Discovery by Showcasing Which Newsletters Users are Subscribed to

2. -Linkedin is recording record levels of users with 900 million members.

3. In App scheduling is now available for personal pages

So those are my highlights for January as you can see there are LOADS of changes and lots more in the pipeline I’m sure.

If you are looking for any help with your content, would like monthly ideas, templates and to be part of the best group of amazing small businesses, it could be time to check out my Happy Content Club membership (which is still only £12.99 a month BTW).

If you’d like to chat about other ways I can help your business with social feel free to get in touch via Instagram or shoot me an email.

Have a great month.

Rach x

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