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Introducing the...

Elevate your Social Media

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Are you  managing social media for your small business yourself? Finding it hard to make time or procrastinating over posting because you don’t really know where to start? Get rid of the overwhelm. Spend and hour 1:1 with me, sort your strategy and get your social sorted.


Get personalised guidance from an expert, entirely focused on you and your business and how you can show up, save time and sell on your business’ social media.

Introducing the Social Media Power Hour!


This exclusive one-on-one training session is designed to provide laser-focused support within any area of social media you need assistance with. For just £125, secure a dedicated 60-minute slot with me, Rachelle, the founder of Happy Hippi Social Media. With over 15 years of marketing experience. I work with amazing global brands like Portmeirion Ceramics, Vitamix Blenders, and Kerrygold Butter as a  freelance social media strategist and offer limited affordable 1:1 slots. 


Why Work With Me? 



Expertise and Passion.

I've dedicated my career to mastering social media strategies for big brands and small businesses alike. Having served as the Wedgwood Global Campaigns and Social Media Manager, I've honed strategies that captivate audiences and drive results.


Understanding and Empathy

As a fellow female founder and a mum, I understand the challenges of living the juggle, balancing entrepreneurship and personal life. I've been in your shoes, keeping up with the demands of business ownership while striving for growth.


Real-Life Experience

I didn't start showing up on my own platforms until three years into my business. I know the fear of visibility and the challenges of starting and growing a business firsthand. I've overcome these hurdles and want to guide you on your journey too.


Goal-Oriented Approach

This year marks a significant milestone for me – achieving my big financial goal. Now, I'm committed to sharing my goal-setting strategies with you through my  Power Hours service. Learn from my experiences and empower your business for success.


What You'll Get:

  • Personalised Guidance: spend an hour 1:1 with me coming up with solutions to your social media challenges. We can talk all things community building, strategy, tips for which tools to use and how to effectively plan and schedule.

  • Expert Insights: Leverage my 15+ years of marketing experience to get your 2024 social media strategy nailed.

  • Goal setting: 2023 was the year I set and tracked goals for my business to see growth. Set yourself up for success and let me help you set your 2024 goals .

  • Friendly Support: I'm a juggling Mum and business owner so understand time is of the essence, together we'll come up with time saving techniques to get you showing up and selling. 

Ready to Ignite Your Social Media Strategy?

Take the first step towards social media excellence! Book your Power Hour session today and gain the knowledge, tools, and strategies to conquer your social media challenges with confidence.

I feel totally empowered to take on the world after

my power hour with Rachelle. I will have to dedicate some time to getting to grips with the tools but I've already created more evergreen content than I knew was possible and I'm ready to get to grips with scheduling! - Ali Lowrie, Owner of Hoola Kids.

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