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Chris Perkins 
Founder, One Objective

 I first met Rachelle when I became Marketing Director at Wedgwood Waterford. At the time she was the Assistant Brand Manager for the Waterford brand, but she had big ideas about how we could transform our social media output across our four global brands. I challenged Rach to put together a plan and she didn’t disappoint. Given her chance, she moved the social media beyond recognition and became the go-to person in that organisation by showing how she understood the brands and the audience and how she could interpret that into social media content.


Rachelle is a great person to work with. Always upbeat and positive with a real passion for her subject, confident in her ability to develop the right content, but at the same time very humble and hardworking, a wonderful asset to any team.


Maxine Reeves

Pilgrims Choice

Rachelle was a real inspiration to work with. During my time on Pilgrims Choice, Rachelle  managed most aspects of our social media. She always goes above and beyond, from creating engaging content to dealing with customer queries and complaints. Rachelle built strong relationships throughout the business, from creative through to technical functions, and really became a member of the team. Her innovative approach delivers excellent results, and helped build our presence with an effective strategy, innovative content and an excellent understanding of the brand's tone of voice


Isabel Anderson,
Kerrygold UK

We really enjoy having Rachelle as part of our wider Kerrygold team; always willing to trial new and different ideas, Rachelle ensures the brand is always presented in the best light across our social media platforms. Rachelle is great at building relationships within our community on social media, and regularly encourages our followers to submit their own content and recipes providing us with a wealth of user-generated content.


Karen Colclough
UK Tea Academy

From first meeting Rachelle at Wedgwood and enjoying briefly working together, I had no hesitation of putting her forward to manage the social media programme when working for UK Tea Academy. Rachelle is very warm and so easy to work with, a good listener she takes time to listen to people’s points of view and takes these into account when planning a social media strategy. She has an amazing understanding of the business in a very short time. Rachelle’s energy, creative thinking and innovative way of working is a breath of fresh air for any business. Although very meticulous and organised, Rachelle is very adaptable to the many situations and personalities she has to work with whilst being very clear in the strategy she puts forward.

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