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Meaningful Collaborations

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Pilgrims Choice

I have been working with UK number 2 commercial cheddar brand, Pilgrims Choice for almost 3 years. Implementing a consistent brand tone across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, developing the brand's reputation as the UK's cheekier of the top cheddar brands.  Together, we created the brand's social content strategy around their above the line campaigns, punchy tone of voice and developed a consistent and engaging social media presence, seeing +50% YoY growth in number of engagements each year.

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I began working with butter brand Kerrygold, back in 2018 managing their UK social media channels. Launching their Instagram and taking over the day to day management of the existing Facebook and Twitter channels. I currently assist with social strategy, create all content plans, monitor, schedule, manage communities and analyse performance for the team. 


Good Bubble

I started working with super-kind, vegan, cruelty free, Manchester based children's toiletries brand Good Bubble, back in 2017. I have continued to support them with their digital marketing since. Developing online content, email campaigns, organic social content, successful Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns and photography for  the eco-friendly family brand.


Aussie Soles

Ultra comfortable, orthotic flip flop brand Aussie Soles launched in Australia back in 2003 and came to the UK some years later. I worked with the UK brand team to develop their digital marketing and social presence. During my time working with them I developed the brand’s tone and photography offering, managed their social communities, launched a successful summer influencer programme, curated blog and email content as well as managing Facebook advertising, driving sales to the UK website. 


UK Tea Academy

I was approached by the UK Tea Academy to assist in the development of their social content plans and presence, to promote their world class training programmes., following my time as Global Digital Campaigns Manager at Wedgwood, Waterford, Royal Doulton. 

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