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Style Me Happy 

I am a proud member of the Style Me Happy team, providing social media support, creating content and being a general office nuisance. The ethos of lifting other women up to feel confident in their own skin and comfortable with their personal style, sits well with me. The businesses values are just fab. Including providing as much styling help to those that need it as accessibly as possible. I'm proud to be working with Emily in her wonderful business. 

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I began working with Devaney and Co, the UK distributor for the Vitamix brand in November 2022. Managing the digital marketing mix for the brand in the UK, including the UK Instagram account, email marketing working with influencers and managing the paid social campaigns. 

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I have worked for both Ornua on both the Kerrygold butter and Pilgrims Choice cheese brands. Developing strategy, content and managing platforms. I also work with the business to build their corporate profile across social media, developing engaging on-site content with staff  and also on recruitment campaigns for their UK sites. 

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Pippa Matthews

Pippa Matthews is a wellbeing and mindset coach with extensive experience and a super engaged female community. Pippa runs courses and programmes designed to help women take action and make positive changes to their lives through simple habit changes. I am working with Pippa to develop her social media content to include more evergreen themes and value to her target customer.  

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