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20 (not too salesy) Social Media Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Stuck with what content you could be sharing for your small business? We all want sell on social whilst not actually seeming too cringey & salesy don’t we?!

Give the ideas below a go when you’re stuck. They can work as stories, images, carousels, reels, lives, time lapse videos and could even be part of your emails & blog content strategy.

Which will you try first?

A day in the life

  1. Morning Routine

  2. Route to work (even if it's just to the next room)

  3. To do list for the day

  4. Lunch plans

  5. Answer an FAQ

Tools of the trade

  1. Explain what a piece of equipment/ digital tool does

  2. A flat lay of your tools for a task

  3. Timelapse of production

  4. Meet the team (maybe use the kids/ dogs if it's just you!)

  5. Intro to an app you love

Behind the scenes

  1. Share some customer feedback

  2. Introduction to your desk/ workspace

  3. Unbox a delivery

  4. Show your packaging process

  5. Share how you unwind

Be useful!

  1. Solve a customer problem

  2. Head to a competitor post, answer an FAQ from there

  3. How to care for/ store/ display your product

  4. Promote another small businesses your customer will love

  5. Remind people of how to order/ book your service

If these are helpful don't forget to share them with someone else that might find them useful too.

If you need more help with getting a Social Media Strategy implemented for your business or could just do with a Power Hour to get the ball rolling with your content planning please get in touch and I'd love to help.

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