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Why do I need Evergreen Content?

Have you ever heard the phrase "Evergreen content" in Marketing speak and wondered what it means?

Being on trend with your social content is great and can really show relevance to your target customer (IF you get it right). But if you're after cutting down man hours with content creation for your business and want to showcase why your target customer should trust you, creating some evergreen pieces is where it's at.


To be timeless, retain relevance and popularity, whatever the season.Content which can be frequently re-purposed to ensure maximum engagement.

5 types of Evergreen content

  1. How To Guides/Tutorials

  2. Top 5 Lists (or 3,10 etc.)

  3. Reviews/ Testimonials

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

  5. Glossary of Terms

So why do I need it?

  1. It's more shareable!

  2. It showcases your knowledge base

  3. It can be used as a great lead magnet, to grow your email list etc.

  4. It can drive traffic

  5. It's relevant for longer, so has longevity & can be re-used

What will you create for your business?

If you need help with a Social Media Strategy or content planning for your business, book a discovery call with me here.

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